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Functional Medicine Dietitian Specializing in Gut Disorders and Culinary Nutrition


You want to have a healthy relationship with food. 

You want to feel comfortable in your own skin.

You want to be able to eat delicious food without wondering how it is going to make you feel. 


That's where I come in. 


Your health goals will be achieved by creating unique delicious food that will not only nourish your body, but will comply with any dietary restrictions or preferences you may have.


By emphasizing the importance of listening to your body and consuming natural food, we pave the way to a radiant healthy you!


Blissful Belly Food & Nutrition offers nutrition consultations, grocery store tours, cooking classes, and pantry make-overs.

Cooking Classes

Learn how to cook like a pro and make nutritious as well as delicious food! Personalized therapeutic individual classes and private cooking class available. 

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 Nutrition Consultations

Initial and follow up consultations available. Learn how to eat for your specific health needs! 


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Private Events and Catering 

To inquire about a private chef or catering for your next event please email me at [email protected] or call me at this number 509-596-1051. Only available for groups under 30 people. 

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Welcome to Blissful Belly Food & Nutrition! 


I am Savannah Cass, a registered dietitian, chef, Kundalini yoga instructor, as well as proud owner of Blissful Belly. Blissful Belly helps you achieve your health goals through nutrition consultations. Through my unique education and experience, I bring to the Yakima and Seattle area a new approach to the world of health and wellness. Telehealth appointments are also available! 

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“I highly recommend working with Savannah. She is absolutely professional, courteous and her work is spectacular. She listens to your needs and perfectly creates a designed nutritional program that matches your body’s requirements. Her cooking classes are my favorite, I was able to learn better healthy recipes and improve my cooking skills. I’m only a ¼ of the way through my program and the results are already amazing.”


“Savannah is a great listener and a wonderful source of knowledge. I especially appreciated the fact that it wasn’t a discussion just about food, but over all health and wellness. Left with a full grocery list and recipes. The best part was her explanation of what’s happening when I eat food and how and why my body can react the way it does.”


“Savannah has helped me so much in my health journey! I came to her with stomach issues, absolutely no energy, and I needed to lose weight. She was able to meet me where I was and make doable suggestions to get me to where I am today! I have lost 30 lbs., I have more energy than I ever had before, and my gut issues have cleared up. I am so thankful to have worked with her”


"Savannah is an amazing listener, very knowledgable, and overall great to work with. I was dealing with gut issues for a while and when I realized I had SIBO Savannah helped me work through the dietary changes. She provided a lot of resources including recipes and a meal plan. I began to feel a lot better! I noticed by talking with her that I didn’t have the best relationship with food. She taught me about mindful eating and I started to view food differently. I am so thankful she brought that to my attention and as a result I feel so much better overall”

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